ENVY Therapy® is a compact
3 level system that offers
complex skincare solutions

Welcome to ENVY Therapy® family! Experience the dermatologist-developed product line, cosmetics and medicine skin care. unique combination of patented active ingredients with scientifically proven effectiveness and organic ingredients in their purest form. We combine the best what nature and scientific research offer to us in order to help you on your way to a perfect care of your skin. Because beauty is a science!

Therefore in our skincare line ENVY Therapy® we focused most of our attention exactly to composition of products. We focused on a unique combination of patented active ingredients withscientifically proven effectiveness and organic ingredients in their purest form, without above mentioned chemical ingredients – without silicones, parabens and perfumes. Our products guarantee high effectiveness based on 94% content of organic ingredients. All of our products are produced in small series and are strictly tested dermatologically to be non-comedogenic and suitable also for sensitive skin. 

More about ingredients and studies
obsahujú patentované účinné látky s vedecky potvrdenou účinnosťou
obsahujú priemerne 94 % organických zložiek
sú vyrábané v malých sériách
sú vhodné aj pre citlivú pokožku a sú nekomedogénne
sú dermatologicky testované
nie sú testované na zvieratách

3 levels of skincare

Aside the products for home skin care each of these therapies include the beauty treatment and medical mezotherapy. As such it forms a compact system of treatments and skin care ENVY Therapy®. The best solution for skin is formed with harmony of all three levels of the skin care set professionally on an individual basis with regards to type and condition of the skin.
ENVY Therapy®Skincare products for home useFor the home skin care it is represented by ENVY Therapy® skin care products that contain appropriate active ingredient.Skincare products for home use
ENVY Therapy®Beauty TreatmentsWithin the beauty treatment recommended ideally once in 30-40 days skin is stimulated by the same active ingredient by the special electroporation and mainly by elimination of surface cells that inhibit skin from absorption of actives from face creams and serums. Beauty Treatments
ENVY Therapy®Medical mesotherapyThe third, medical level is a targeted mesotherapy solution of the skin problem and it is recommended individually by dermatologist depending upon weight of the problem.Medical mesotherapy

4 product lines with patented active ingredient

This unique concept developed by ENVY® Clinic offers professional solutions to skin problems related to aging, dry skin, pigmentation spots and acne prone skin. Each line Antiaging Brightenig Hydrating Clearing is based on a patented active ingredient and provides a complex solution to a specific skin problem.
ENVY Therapy®AntiagingFor mature skin losing its firmness and prone to wrinkle formationAntiaging
ENVY Therapy®BrighteningFor skin with uneven tone that is prone to hyperpigmentationBrightening
ENVY Therapy®HydratingFor dehydrated and dry skinHydrating
ENVY Therapy®ClearingFor skin with impurities and visible pores that is prone to acneClearing

MUDr. Kožuchová:
„Skincare should first and foremost help the skin“

In my dermatological practice I daily meet women of different aging groups who fight against various skin issues on a long-term basis and they thrive to solve them by using popularized and promoted skincare products...

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