Scientifically proven effect

Beauty is a science!

in our skincare line ENVY Therapy® we focused most of our attention exactly to composition of products. We focused on a unique combination of patented active ingredients with scientifically proven effectiveness and organic ingredients in their purest form, without above mentioned chemical ingredients – without silicones, parabens and perfumes. Our products guarantee high effectiveness based on 94% content of organic ingredients. All of our products are produced in small series and are strictly tested dermatologically to be non-comedogenic and suitable also for sensitive skin.

Briefly, we combine the best what nature and scientific research offer to us in order to help you on your way to a perfect care of your skin. Because beauty is a science!“
The Skin as Proof 2021 study confirmed up to 97.7% satisfaction with ENVY Therapy® products.*
*The study lasted 60 days and 44 women and men participated. MORE ABOUT STUDY
90,9 %

of participants observed visible results on their skin after only 2 months of using ENVY Therapy® products.

93,3 %

of participants reported that the condition of their skin improved after completing the study.

90,5 %

of participants noticed an improvement in their skin when they began using the 3-step skin cleansing regimen with the ENVY Therapy® system.

91,9 %

of participants observed a visible and immediate effect of the ampoule intensive treatment.

Proven By The Skin
The Proven By The Skin project is a study to explore and present real-time effects of our 3-level skincare system on real women and men. It is a 90-day study conducted in cooperation with the non-profit organization ECRIN and under the auspices of the Medical Faculty of the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University.
more about study