Skincare should first and foremost help the skin

In my dermatological practice I daily meet women of different aging groups who fight against various skin issues on a long-term basis and they thrive to solve them by using popularized and promoted skincare products. These products often don´t help them to solve the problems, actually their use causes not only worsening of current problems, but also appearance of new problems on the skin.

Luxurious fashion skincare, neither current trend of so called bio-products, may not constitute an optimal solution for given problem of the skin. The choice of inappropriate product may initiate various skin diseases, i.e. acne cosmetic (caused by use of comedogenic products – silicones), perioral dermatitis (use of night and “heavy” creams), undesired pigmentation (use of products containing perfumes), etc.

Production politics regarding popularized skincare products (except for few exceptions) is targeted mainly to satisfy customers´ sensual perception – the face cream should be soft to touch, its appearance should be attractive, it should create the smooth skin and it should smell good. Few customers realize that all of these “comfortable effects” are brought to a product with use of chemical ingredients, 

The negative phenomenon of numerous skincare producers is also deluding of the consumers. It is not unusual at all for example in the hydrating product to obtain the hydrating ingredient at the end of the ingredient list (which means it contains the minimal quantity of this ingredient). 

If you really search for functional solution, it is not important to have the product that smells nicely, neither if it glides on the skin nor whether the flowers appear on its packaging. The most important for the product is that it does not hurt us, but works and really helps our skin.

Therefore in our skincare line ENVY Therapy® we focused most of our attention exactly to composition of products. We focused on a unique combination of patented active ingredients with scientifically proven effectiveness and organic ingredients in their purest form, without above mentioned chemical ingredients – without silicones, parabens and perfumes. Our products guarantee high effectiveness based on 94% content of organic ingredients. All of our products are produced in small series and are strictly tested dermatologically to be non-comedogenic and suitable also for sensitive skin. 

Briefly, we combine the best what nature and scientific research offer to us in order to help you on your way to a perfect care of your skin. Because beauty is a science!

Who is Dr. Zuzana Kožuchová?

Dr. Kožuchová is acclaimed and recognized specialist and holder of a number of international certificates in the field of corrective dermatology and computer dermatoscopy, as well as certificates of laser instrument competencies. Dr. Kožuchová is a longtime trainer of doctors in botulinum toxin application as well as new techniques of hyaluronic acid application. Since 2013 she’s been one of the only two Slovak trainers of techniques and applications of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid made by the most prestigious dermal fillers producer in the world – Allergan brand.