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May is not only the month of love, but also a celebration of mothers and family in general. Our Envy Therapy Family has therefore decided to gift yours. Not only with pairs of products on special discount, but also with valuable advice and recommendations from the most knowledgeable ones.

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Young & Fresh by Natália

"It's impossible to stop aging, but with quality skincare we can definitely help ourselves... maintain nourished and firmer skin that looks young and fresh. Don't expect a time-stopping miracle, but it's a fact that any skin that is optimally nourished looks younger."
- Natália Selveková, founder of Envy Clinic and Envy Therapy

this combo contains:
Envy Therapy
Antiaging Cream Mask
Effectively reduces wrinkles, stimulates production of collagen and enhances overall cell regeneration.   more info
zľava 20%
Envy Therapy
Antiaging Serum
Antiaging serum with hyaluronic acid and collagen   more info
zľava 20%
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