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May is not only the month of love, but also a celebration of mothers and family in general. Our Envy Therapy Family has therefore decided to gift yours. Not only with pairs of products on special discount, but also with valuable advice and recommendations from the most knowledgeable ones.

Need help with choosing the right combo for You? Ask our Advisors..
Young & Fresh by Natália

"It's impossible to stop aging, but with quality skincare we can definitely help ourselves... maintain nourished and firmer skin that looks young and fresh. Don't expect a time-stopping miracle, but it's a fact that any skin that is optimally nourished looks younger."
- Natália Selveková, founder of Envy Clinic and Envy Therapy

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Glowing Skincare by Barbora

"Who among us doesn't long for glowing skin? With this Brightening Combo, you'll have just that. First, apply the exfoliating scrub to get your skin ready to better absorb the nutrients from the serum. I also use it 2x a week and the result is always visible."
- Barbora Margitová, Envy Therapy Advisor

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The Most Functional by Eliška

"Clearing Night Peel is one of Envy Therapy's most functional products. Only apply this great peel at night, no more than 3 times a week, and don't apply any serum or cream afterwards. The Clearing Night Peel can also be used topically, on selected areas of problematic skin."
- Eliška Pichoňská, Envy Therapy Advisor

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Smart SOS by Eva

"I love its lightweight gel consistency that fits perfectly under makeup while moisturizing, regulating sebum production and preventing clogged pores. The Clearing Spot Patch has in turn become a staple in my purse as a handy and effective SOS for any breakouts. But, I just always gift it away...:)"
- MUDr. Eva Jankovich, Envy Clinic

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Hydration First by Alexandra

"I love holidays by the sea. However, the sun and salt dry out the skin, which is why moisturizing afterwards is important. An extra serving of it is guaranteed with this intensive night mask, which will leave your skin significantly hydrated, nourished and strengthened. The eye masks, on the other hand, will hydrate and brighten the eye area and soften under-eye circles."
- MUDr. Alexandra Markotánová, Envy Clinic

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LED It Know by Katka

"After giving birth, I developed alopecia areata on my skin and thanks to the ampoules and two intensive treatments, the spots grew hair again within 6 months. And did you know that you can increase the effect of the ampoules? For example, by applying a hair ampoule with HAIR Ultrasonic Therapy and its LED light therapy."
- Katarína Balabánová, Head Chemist at Simpl Therapy

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Early Summer Refresh by Lucia

"If you desire a radiant, unified complexion with regulated sebum production and soft pores, vitamin C ampoules are the number 1 choice. For an even more effect, work them in with an 3-in-1 Ultrasonic Therapy in galvanic ION mode. Add EMS mode to stimulate contours and skin will be firmer and tighter."
- Lucia Magulová, Envy Therapy dermato-cosmetician

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